Below are some of my best traditional clips since I started reporting professionally in 2010. Further clips are available upon request, and multimedia clips are available in my multimedia portfolio.

New Times San Luis Obispo



New Times, San Luis Obispo, CA

  • I was a full-time staff writer at New Times from May 2013 until May 2015. New Times is the “alt-weekly” paper for California’s Central Coast, covering the entirety of San Luis Obispo County and serving its roughly 270,000 residents. Here are a few of the best articles I wrote while at New Times:
  • Spoilsports“—March 6, 2014. An investigative article examining a flurry of violent incidents and allegations involving Cal Poly (local university) athletes. Also, see the follow-up story I wrote in October 2014—”August And Everything After“—after everything took an unexpected, felonious turn.
  • Orange Is The New Three-Piece“—Oct. 17, 2013. A convoluted story concerning conspiracies, arrests, and high courtroom drama.
  • Three For 4“—April 17, 2014. An in-depth piece detailing the ins, outs, flaps, and flops of what turned out to be the most expensive local election in SLO County history.
  • Shine A Light“—Oct. 24, 2013. First-person story about a haunted lighthouse, paranormal investigators, and untimely flatulence.
  • A Crude Proposal“—Jan. 1, 2015. A comprehensive look at a local refinery’s contentious proposal to receive combustible crude oil via rail.






Half The Battle, Washington, D.C.

  • Half The Battle was a semester-long professional, capstone reporting project produced by 17 undergraduate and graduate students at American University in Washington, D.C. It explores the experiences of millennial veterans as they transition from soldiers to citizens. I served as webmaster (designing and managing the entire site) and copy edit chief (editing all the words) for this project in addition to my reporting duties. I produced two stories for the project, an investigative feature on veteran employment issues, and a video interview with a veteran war journalist.
  • Vets vexed by inefficiencies, misconceptions in job hunt“—April 25, 2013.
  • Journalist Kevin Sites talks conflict, recovery, and storytelling“—May 1, 2013.


GateHouse Media New England, Metro-Boston, MA






Current, Washington, D.C.

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